RoadData Systems consists of two pieces: RD Manager (DB, web-server, configuration) and RD Server (video processing unit). Small systems may have both packages running on a single machine. However, if the system becomes large, Manager should run on a dedicated server.


  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04
  • HDD: 15Gb of free space
  • Internet connection
  • Root privileges



RoadData platform runs MongoDB at port 27019. Please ensure that this port is not in use by another application.

RoadData Manager’s installation file is rd-manager-{version}-{architecture}.sh, for example: Copy/download this file to your server and run it with following command:

chmod +x rd-manager*
sudo ./rd-manager*

During installation process, all the required libraries and modules will be downloaded and unpacked automatically.

Verify that RoadData Manager is installed correctly: open up http://your_server_ip_address:8006/ in your browser, and you'll see the default authentication page being displayed:

The RoadData live server

Default login/password: admin / 12345. (Password can be changed in the settings menu.)

You can check the status, start or stop the server with the following commands:

systemctl status rd-manager
sudo systemctl start rd-manager
sudo systemctl stop rd-manager


Please ensure the following TCP port 8006 is open. If RD Server connects the Manager from a remote location, ensure that TCP ports 17011 and 27019 are opened and available for the Servers.