• OS: Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04
  • HDD: 30Gb of free space
  • Internet connection
  • Root privileges
  • NVIDIA GPU with properly installed drivers

GPU drivers

RoadData requires following GPU hardware: NVIDIA GPU card with CUDA Compute Capability 5.2 or higher. Use official NVIDIA website to download and install drivers:


If your HW is based on NVidia Jetson, please ensure that you're using JetPack 5.1. Other versions have different set of drivers and will not work.

Before proceeding, please, check if the drivers installed correctly.



RoadData platform uses Docker containers. If your machine has already an installed Docker engine, please contact RoadData’s support before proceeding.

RoadData Server installation file is server-{version}-{architecture}.sh, for example:

Copy it to your server and run with following command:

chmod +x rd-server-*
sudo ./rd-server-*

The installer script will download all required packages and prepare machine for running the video processing worker.

If RD MANAGER runs on a different host, you need to specify IP-address (or domain) of the Manager's machine. Open config.ini file and change parameter: manager_host_address:

sudo nano /opt/rdsystems/server/config/config.ini

After the changes are saved, you need to restart RD Server:

sudo systemctl restart rd-server

If the Manager's host is set correctly, the Server will connect the Manager automatically, and it will show up in the Servers menu. You can check status of the Server service directly:

systemctl status rd-server


We also recommend creating a symlink to the server's video sources folder. Run this command:

ln -s /opt/rdsystems/server/data/src_data/video ~/rd-video-sources

Now check your HOME directory. You should find rd-video-sources folder. Copy big files that you plan to analyze to this folder directly.